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Areas of conflict

  • Agriculture
  • Banking / Finance / Insurance
  • Commercial
    • Company relations
    • Intracompany divisions
    • Employment
  • Construction / Planning
  • Healthcare
  • Inheritance / Succession arrangement
  • Public administration


Max Warscher

Max Warscher

  • Matura in Stuttgart
  • University Hohenheim, Economics
  • University Tübingen, Law
  • Director of a division of the PANAM Corporation
  • Business owner at Zürich airport for 25 years
  • Graduation as Mediator SAV / SKWM  in  Konstanz under Dr. Müller / Dr. Ascher / Hilmar Voigt / Dr. Wendenburg


What is Mediation

Mediation is an alternative way to resolve issues and differences between 2 or more parties, also defined as
ADR : Alternative Dispute Resolution.

How does Mediation work ?

Mediation is an informal, confidential process in which a neutral third party – the mediator – helps opposing parties to

  • Talk through their differences
  • Explore and negotiate options
  • Craft agreements that are fair, realistic and durable

Mediation is voluntary and requires good faith by all parties. The mediator ensures a safe and respectful process for everyone involved.

We do not judge, take sides, or decide who is right or wrong. We do not force you to accept any solution or agreement.

Why should you choose Mediation ?

You can either take control of the outcome of your dispute by mediation, or you can surrender this control to a judge by litigating in court.
You can discuss the issues privately in a confidential setting or you can have your dispute heard in a courtroom where everything that is said is open to the public. You can spend lots of time and money litigating in court or spend a limited amount of hours in mediation.

It is your choice.

The resolution of a dispute by mediation is the result of the parties working together hence the percentage of compliance is rather high. In court there is always a losing party and therefore a zero chance of the opposing parties ever working together again. In mediation that possibility remains valid.




You are looking for a partner

  • You can trust
  • With detailed practical experience in all areas
  • Combining theory & practice in order to solve the issues you face

We will be that partner for you

Our professionals will help you solve complex business problems and aim to enhance your ability to manage risk, improve performance and as a result, build additional value.

As you are the focus of our efforts you can be sure that

  • You as a client will always be put first
  • We will keep all information confidential
  • We will be honest and truthful to you – even if it hurts


Wherever we operate we will

  • Abide by local law & regulations
  • Respect Government officials & communities
  • Follow our strict anti-corruption and anti-bribery rules
  • Maintain our independence to remain objective & unbiased
  • Stay politically neutral


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